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material ABS
Time:2012-07-14    Source:FS    Views:3551

 ABS resin is a kind of blend, acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer, English Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), the general proportion of these three 20:30:50 (melting point is 175 ℃). As long as the change in the ratio, polymerization method, particle size, can produce a series of different impact strength, flow characteristics of varieties, such as increased butadiene component, the impact strength will be improved, but the hardness and liquidity will be reduced, the strength and the heat resistance is poor.

ABS is the resin, a comprehensive performance is very good non-toxic, yellowish, has higher impact strength in the temperature range wide inside, thermal deformation temperature than PA, PVC high, good dimensional stability, shrinkage rate is in the range of 0.4%-0.8%, if the glass fiber reinforced can be reduced to 0.2%-0.4%, but rarely have plastic shrinkage.

ABS has good processability, high surface finish of products, and has a good painting and dyeing, electroplating into various color.

ABS still has good mixing, and various resin blend alloy (blend), such as PC/ABS, ABS/PC, ABS/PVC, PA/ABS, PBT/ABS and so on, which have new properties and new applications, if ABS and PMMA mixing can be made of transparent ABS, transmission rate of up to 80%.

Although ABS is not included in the top five general-purpose engineering plastics (because of its HDT=80 ℃, not higher than 100 ℃), but its usage is far more than five kinds of general engineering plastics in any kind of. Consumption in 1998 around the world has reached 3427000 tons, consumption in China in 1998 reached 1140000 tons, accounting for 33% of the world's total consumption, the comprehensive performance of ABS is better than that of general plastics, so called ABS sub engineering plastics.

  Add:Rm 419-420,Building A,E-C Center, NO.2, Lianwei Street, Dalang South Rd, Longhua District,Shenzhen  Tel:086-0755-29787897    
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